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[Pinned] Mental has moved to Draenor

Mental has left Nordrassil for Draenor. If you are looking to apply for the moved guild head on over to
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Resto Druid application

Info: Character name: Shazkia Draenor Your age (18+): erm... Older then 25 and younger then 35) Location:UK Character Class:Druid Character Race:Tauren Primary role:Resto Secondary role (if applicable and willing):Gaurdian ...
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Back to Business

Hello allHow you all doing? Hope your all fine.Its been a while since I raided with you guys and also seen alot f new ppl.Now I have talked with Nuraya, who has let me know that you guys could use a mage.And since I would like to start raiding aga...
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[Raid App] Shaman

Info: Character name: Your age (18+): 26(M) Location: Turkey Character Class: Shaman Character Race: Troll Primary role: Range Damage Dealer; Utility Secondary role (if applicable and willing): Healer Talent build: http://w...
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[Raid App] Druid [ACCEPTED]

•Character name: Agrroo•Your age (18+): 25•Location: UK•Character Class: Druid •Character Race:•Primary role: Healer•Secondary role (if applicable and willing): Feral•Talent build: •Armory link:
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[Raider] Mage [ACCEPTED for Social]

I'm sorry for my previous application, got Nuraya to help me rewrite it.Info:Character name: FalsemodeYour age (18+): 19Location: EnglandCharacter Class: MageCharacter Race: GoblinPrimary role: DPSSecondary role (if applicable and willing): Healer...
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Info:Character name:xrysadethYour age (18+):...33(no comments on that i look younger a lot)Location:greeceCharacter Class:warriorCharacter Race:troll femalePrimary role:DPS[fury]Secondary role (if applicable and willing):protectionTalent build: ht...
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[Social] Monk [ACCEPTED]

Character name: NarsynYour age: 20 years oldLocation: Lisbon, PortugalCharacter Class: MonkCharacter Race: PandarenPrimary role: HealerSecondary role: Tanking (though I have little tanking experience, and would need to gear up first)Talent build: ...
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Jahorian Shadowpriest [DECLINED]

Character name: JahorianYour age (18+):25Location: TurkeiCharacter Class:PriestCharacter Race:Blood elfPrimary role:ShadowSecondary role (if applicable and willing):DiscoTalent build: check in my armory linkArmory link:
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[Social] Warlock [ACCEPTED]

Character name:Ununhexium Your age (18+):18 (15)Location: PortugalCharacter Class:WarlockCharacter Race:OrcPrimary role:DpsSecondary role (if applicable and willing):DpsTalent build [e.g. 51/2/18]: I'm destruction: Soul leech, Mortal coil, Soul li...
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[Social App] Druid [ACCEPTED]

Info: Character name:Mindwild Your age (18+): 36 Location: Israel Character Class: Druid Character Race: Tauren Primary role: Healer Secondary role (if applicable and willing): Balance Talent build [e.g. 51/2/18]: Armor...
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[Soical App] Warlock [ACCEPTED]

Info: Character name:Tyamat Your age (18+):26 Location:Romania Character Class:Warlock Character Race:Undead Primary role:Destro Secondary role (if applicable and willing):Demon Talent build [e.g. 51/2/18]: Armory link:h...
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Application (social) [ACCEPTED]

Character name:FrostybonesYour age (18+): 20 (21 in January)Location: LondonCharacter Class: MageCharacter Race: UndeadPrimary role: Frost DPSSecondary role (if applicable and willing): Fire or Arcane if requestedTalent build [e.g. 51/2/18]: Armor...
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[APP] shaman [DECLINED]

Character name: Jolthar. Your age (18+): i'm 21. Location: The haque. Character Class: Shaman. Character Race: Orc. Primary role: Restoration. Secondary role (if applicable and willing): enhance might change to elemental. ...
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[App] Druid [Social Accepted]

Character name: Jeffseid (Troll name - I'll be changing it on Xfer)Your age (18+): 21Location: Northern Ireland (UK)Character Class: DruidCharacter Race: Night ElfPrimary role: HealerSecondary role (if applicable and willing): Any (have experience...
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Info: Character name: Magestick Your age (18+): 26 Location: Belgium Character Class: Mage Character Race: Belf Primary role: Pewpew Secondary role (if applicable and willing): Die Talent build [e.g. 51/2/18]: Not up to dat...
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[Raid App] Holy Priest [ACCEPTED]

Info:Character name: AnethaYour age (18+): 27Location: Ankara, TurkeyCharacter Class: PriestCharacter Race: Blood ElfPrimary role: HolySecondary role (if applicable and willing): Shadow / DiscTalent build:
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[Raid App] Warlock [ACCEPTED]

Character name: KazanovaYour age (18+):29Location:Athens, GreeceCharacter Class: WarlockCharacter Race: UndeadPrimary role: DPSTalent build: link:
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[Raid App] Shaman [DECLINED]

Info:Character name:DisgorgeYour age (18+):21Location:FinlandCharacter Class:ShamanCharacter Race:TaurenPrimary role:HealerSecondary role (if applicable and willing):Ranged dpsTalent build:TalentsArmory link:Disgorge, current mainSathana, Cata mai...
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[Raid App] Mage [ACCEPTED]

Info:Character name: NurayaYour age (18+): 19 (going 20 on September 21st)Location: Varna, BulgariaCharacter Class: MageCharacter Race: PandarenPrimary role: DPSSecondary role (if applicable and willing): ... DPS? :pTalent build: http://www.wowdb....
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