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Hello folks

Hey,Dunno if many remember me... Lucien or Nevitt perhaps? But just found your webby and had to drop a line or two! :)I saw that u kicked me out (hehe, no wonder after 2 years of not logging on) but wanted you to know I'm still alive and playing a...
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Good luck...

...on the new realm!
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Ho-ho-ho !

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year !
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Pet Meister

As a retired raider, be safe in the knowledge that I can still contribute something to Mental's position on the Realm LeaderboardsPS If you're reading this at some obscure date in the future, I'm in 1st place at time of pos...
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Just wanted to say HELLO to all tree huggers :D - GL in MoP (u were my best guid evah !)
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Quick hello

I know we probably didn't part in the righ circumstances (although it's been a while). Just wanted to say hello to some old players still in the guild.Have fun in MoP! Bashh
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No internet

Hey guys,Ninjaing some wireless i net atm, havent been able to get online all day now. Hoping it'll get fixed by the raid.But in case I dont show you know why. (Hope you read this!)
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Just a quick hello!

Hey Guys,Doubt many will remember me as it seems there plenty of new blood in the guild. Just popped on to see how you guys are doing! looks like some great progression has been made! Hope all is well I may pop back onto wow eventually and see you...
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A quick hello

Hello all,I wanted to say a quick hello, after my disaperance.I am glad that you guys do oke. I am happy doing what i am doing atm spending lots of time whit famaly and being busy whit work.For all that i new and new me be well.Dac
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L2Ptv Open 4.3 guides, Looking for feedback

After months of development and contributions from many of the community's best players, has officially launched. We have a large contributor pool from top 100 guilds such as Method, Vodka, Exodus, Eminence, Tys, Vigil, Eternal Reign...
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Brief return to Azeroth

Bonjour ladies and gents, I'll be stopping by the dangerously addictive shores of wow for a few days as they were kind enough to give me 7 days of game time. I'm not entirely sure who of the old guard is still out and about these days but I shall ...
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Oh my god

Oh myy i am spying on u guys since i dont have prepaid and not really playing wow much anymore/at allBut wtf GRAtZ on WOrLD 1ST jesus niceee will be back fully in a month prolly keep up good jooooooooob
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The baby update thread

I thought I should just add a thread to keep ppl udated as nobody really knows whats going on.My gf has been in slow/early labour for 9 days now, tbh it was getting old, today finally things seem to be moving along, gettin more and more pains and ...
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Happy Birthday little Pyrie!

wont be able to log on and eat chocolate cake with you today, so i thought id do it here very chance of you vanishing and stealthing out of this awkward event muahahhaahah.i dont have a birthday gift to you, unless u settle for a stack...
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shit, im a millionaire!! lucky me

a email popped up, telling me that i have won. damn im lucky, or am i? Free lotto System Headquarters MalaysiaWINNING NOTIFICATION we happily announce to you the draw of the Free Lotto System International programs held on the 3rd of November, 20...
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Oh hai

Hey all.Was cleaning and sorting out some bookmarks and when seeing the link to the Mental website I figured I'd drop by and say hello :)How's everyone doing? Not entirely sure how many folks are still around but I did notice you're all doing well...
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Summer greetings

Was cleaning old bookmarks from my browser when i stumbled across this old page. Had a quick peek and realised most of the players i knew weren´t in the roster. Did i miss out on some juicy drama, or did just time have it´s toll? :)Anyways, if the...
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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

I love Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy :) the movie sucked thoAs most of you are aware, myself and some others have left the guild. I play WoW to play with people I know out with the game so my own main reason for leaving was that those people we...
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Tunneling WOW traffic through ISP traffic management screwups

Lately, several ISPs have been applying traffic management in their network (QOS, rate-limiting, whatever), and it's made World of Warcraft have high latency or be unplayable. One thing which can restore WOW's performance through the ISP's network...
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Hey all

Hello to all old Mental members who are still here from the burning crusade days! nice to see that mental is still the longest running guild on nord still. Hoping to log on some time soon (once d/ld is finished) to chat to some old guildies... wel...
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